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Clutch Names iView Labs Pvt Ltd. as one of the Game-Changing Healthcare App Development Companies

There are a lot of companies, regardless of their industry, that use applications for their day-to-day operations and processes. Whether proprietary or readily available digital solutions, these apps have been quintessential in elevating the performance of these businesses. Learn more about the process of developing applications for your company today with the help of our team at iView Labs Pvt Ltd.

Clutch Names iView Labs Pvt Ltd. as one of the Game-Changing Healthcare App Development Companies

iView Labs is a full-service development company that specializes in making elegant products for businesses, both new and old. In addition to CRM and ERP systems, we also specialize in the agile creation of Web and Mobile applications. Since 2012, our group of distinguished programmers and designers has provided our aspirational clients in the FinTech, HealthTech, EdTech, Logistics, Travel, and Retail industries with more than 150 software solutions.

Today, our team is proud to announce that we’ve been recently named one of the game-changing Healthcare App Development Companies by Clutch! We are proud to be part of this incredible list of top developers in the market. 

For those of you who are wondering, Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, DC. They evaluate technology service and solutions companies based on the quality of work, thought leadership, and client reviews. A rapidly expanding startup, Clutch has become the go-to resource in the agency space. 

To help celebrate this amazing recognition, our team has decided to share with all of you some of the best reviews on our Clutch profile, here they are:

“After 6 months of development, iView completed the app we requested, and now we have to complete it. Some of our in-house developed routines need to be included to increase app performance and yield. I think it takes almost months for this app to be released.

This company is very professional and they made themselves available to work even beyond work. They also did some extra functionality that wasn't in the quote. The seriousness was much appreciated.” Giuseppe Carullo, CIO of Online Typography

“It’s been easy to work with them. There was never a time that the relationship was strained. They’re willing to hear us out and try to understand what we want. We had to go back and forth a lot on the design, and they were gracious about it. iView Labs was very accommodating to us.

There were instances when what we asked them to do seemed difficult or they didn’t know how to go about it but they never had the mentality that something couldn’t be done. They were always trying to find ways to achieve what we wanted to achieve.” CEO, Fintech Company

Talk to our team today! We’d love to be part of your project.



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